TradersHelpDesk Trading indicators and packagesThe market reports for this week are rather light when compared to previous weeks and I will be doing a Tuesday webinar and one on Wednesday in the Nadex Educational room.

Market Reports for Week Ending on Friday, 5/12/17

Sunday we have the French Presidential Election, which will probably create increased volatility in the Euro.

Then on Thursday we have the Bank of England Inflation Report, Bank Rate Votes, Monetary Policy Summary, and the Official Bank Rate.

While we do have other major market reports, the US reports are heaviest on Friday.

Market Reports

Tuesday Webinar

I will be hosting a Tuesday webinar at 8am New York time.  In this webinar, I will show potential entries using the TradersHelpDesk indicators on futures, commodities and the forex market.  The TradersHelpDesk webinars are for educational purposes only and should not be construed as trading advice (please see disclaimer below).  You can register free for the trading session.

Wednesday Webinar

On Wednesday at 11am New York time, I will be showing binary options traders how to enter a long position, set profit targets, and identify when to potential cut a trade short.  You can register for this educational trading session free, as well.