This week I have had the immense pleasure of working with Angel, Rick and Micah as they taught students the THD advanced concepts to a room full of eager students.  This particular group was special.  Most of the students had attended the Advanced Seminar in May and returned for a second one.  In fact, most of the students had attended the same Master the Trade seminar in California together, as well.  In essence, this group has forged a bond of friendship and support since February of this year.  Now, three seminars later, it is amazing to see how far these students have come in their trading endeavor.

During the last ten months, I have witnessed their struggles, firsthand.  Everything from understanding the indicators, to understanding how to read price bars, to understanding how volume plays out, to understanding how emotions can sabotage even the best written trading plan.  As a group, we have witnessed each other’s wins and losses, strengths and weaknesses, and resilience to continue even when they were not sure they should continue on.

This was a grueling week of training for these students.  The days were long (sometimes 12 hours), sitting in front of the screen and going over the same thing over and over again.  When they missed something they had to go back over again and again.  And when they left for the evening, they still had homework to complete.  Angel had them screening which stocks were likely to give them an entry and why.  Plus, Micah had them writing in their journal every night.

The RadarScreen exercises gave them headaches and nightmares of colored boxes — but they did it.  Rick’s volume exercises put them in front of the class where they had to explain the story of the price bars and volume, over and over, one timeframe after another.  They learned to tell which market was the best to trade for the day and why.  Stocks, options, futures, commodities — if it was moving it was open to trading.

Today, they wrap everything up and go back home.  But their trading will forever be changed.  They will no longer be sitting waiting on a three minute trade setup to come in.  Instead, they will be seeking the best opportunties in any market.  They know how to identify the ones that will likely move, whether it is the futures, stocks, options or commodities.  They have broadened their horizons to include any markets that are likely to move and, therefore, likely to make a profit.  They have the skills to intraday trade, swing trade, or position trade.

This week they learned that being a trading business owner means you take the opportunties that the market gives.

Of course before you can attend the Advanced Seminar, you have to have a Master the Trade seminar. Gail, Rick, and Micah  will be at the next one, which is scheduled for February 25 – 27, 2013 in Las Vegas, NV.  The Master the Trade is included with the Platinum Package or can be purchased separately.