Making Money with Binary Options Signals last night on the EURJPY forex pair.  The subscribers to the Futurues, Forex and Binary signal room received the signal updates via the website and via Skype since the trade was outside the normal trading webinar time periods.

So last night, prior to the Asian opening, I noticed that th EURJPY would more than likely go up during the Asian trading session.  Immediately, I notified all the monthly subscribers of the trade via the website and Skype chat room.

Making Money with Binary Options Signals

This is the binary options signals post I did, including updates as the trade (time of update is included below) progressed:

I am going long on the EURJPY

  • Strike Price at 133.40 for $39
  • Expiration at 7am New York Time

Update 9:39 pm New York Time, via Skype:

Hi Everyone, since I am only risking $39, I am going to leave the contract on.  We are getting a reversal bar on the 45 minute but we have 9 hours and 21 minutes for this to play out.  If you are worried about the trade or want to exit then that is your option.

Ok, since I am going back to bed and the European session opens shortly, I have put in a profit target at 78.5 on the binary option, which gives us a risk to reward of 1:1.  We do have overhead resistance around 133.80, which only puts us 2 strike prices in the money — better to take profits if 78.5 is hit.

Making Money with Binary Options Signals

Result:  Profit Target was filled at $78.50, resulting in a profit of $39.50 (excluding the $1.80 exchange fee)

Some subscribers allowed the binary option to expire (profit of $61) or took profits at $94 (resulting in a profit of $55) so they were making money using binary options signal.

Either way, anyone that took the signal and stayed with it as I did, made money and learned a lot about buying time!