In the live training room this morning, three profitable trades were executed using the TradersHelpDesk indicators and methodology.  All trades were executed using Nadex binary options with a risk less than $35.  All three trades were profitable, making at least a 1 to 1 risk to reward ratio (meaning for every dollar of risk there was at least $1 of profit).

Live Training Room Has 3 Profitable Trades This Morning

When the training room first began this morning, we had to wait for a potential setup.  The first setup came in on the e-mini Nasdaq, followed by a setup on the e-mini Dow Jones.  (The e-mini S&P 500 also provided the same entry).  Additionally, Gail showed that she was watching the GBPJPY as it would likely pullback, as well.  When she saw the entry on the GBPJPY she also took it.

She closed out both the e-mini Nasdaq and e-mini Dow Jones with profits.  Then the GBPJPY hit the profit target.  All three trades had a risk less than $35 and made a minimum of 1:1 in risk to reward.