The live trading webinar video from the webinar this morning is now available.

Live Trading Webinar Video for December 5th

In this video, Gail Mercer, founder of TradersHelpDesk, reviews the TradersHelpDesk indicators, including the new ATR Support and Resistance indicator.  First, she takes a trade on the emini S&P 500 which loses money as price goes against her to test the higher timeframe ATR.  Then she takes a short on the Nasdaq, which does make money and she locks in profit.

On the binary options side, Gail takes both an emini Dow and emini Nasdaq (20 minute binary).  The Dow trade loses money and the emini Nasdaq makes money.

As Gail stressed in the live trading webinar video this morning, the market more than likely would move down.  This is also evident on the daily charts because there are reversal bars on both the emini Dow Jones and emini S&P 500 indicating more downward market action as traders begin taking profits on their long positions prior to the Non-Farm Employment Change on Friday and FOMC releases next week.  Of course, depending on the releases, this profit taking opportunity could turn into a bearish move on the indices as there has not been a significant retracement since early 2016.  Will the indices have a repeat of early 2016?  From the current view, they may very well repeat their run down from early 2016.