In the live trading webinar this morning, Gail showed how to create multiple trades using different strikes and different expirations with binary options.

Live Trading Webinar with Over 30 Trades

We had a fantastic time in the live trading room this morning.  Gail showed how to take one signal and create multiple signals using different strikes and different expirations.  She also showed a really great pattern that gives you a heads up on big potential moves that are coming — as long as you have the patience.

She also showed multiple trade entries and exits on Verizon, Duke, Boeing, Amazon, and Priceline.  Doesn’t really matter what the market is, the TradersHelpDesk help you find the most powerful moves.  Then you can utilize either futures, stocks, commodities, or Gail’s favorite, binary options.

Here are all the trades and results from the session:

Trading Webinar

Trading Room Trades 2

Trading Room Trades 3