live trading room videoThe live trading room was recorded for those that could not attend.  The video is posted below.

Live Trading Room Overview

In the video, Gail takes a sim trade on the Dow Jones which produces about $170 in profits.  However, the original entry, which she highlights in the video, came in on the 180 minute chart.  She opted to trade the original entry using binary options and timed the sim trade using the 3 and 12.  During the trade, viewers were able to see the dramatic result of the TradersHelpDesk Directional Volume indicator momentum shift, which shows when either buyers or sellers take control.  In this case, the sellers took control on the high and the rest was history so to speak.

The same trade was also available on the mini S&P 500 — exactly the same setup and on the Russell 2000 as well.

Additionally, if you read the analysis of the Wolfe Wave pattern that was developing on the Russell 2000, a daily binary option on that one resulted in a risk of $25 with $55 in profits made before the room closed at around 11am.

Also, viewers were able to see how easily trades are identified on the higher timeframes using either the TradeStation RadarScreen, Multicharts Scanner or NinjaTrader Market Analyzer.  It can be as simple as Price is at the CD or Price at the ATR.