In this video, I explain the five trades I took using a combination of the Nadex Binary Options and Touch Brackets based on the live market analysis and coaching session this morning.

On the EURUSD daily chart, there is a potential ascending triangle. I took both a Nadex binary option and touch bracket to capture the profits on this move. Profit target on binary has been achieved and still in touch bracket.

On the GBPUSD, higher timeframes are oversold (extremely) plus the lower timeframes are oversold. Anticipating a move to the upside I took both a long Nadex touch bracket and binary option.

On the Russell 2000, the higher timeframe is overbought indicating a downward move confirmed by the lower timeframe so I opted to do a short touch bracket prior to the market opening (and will be out prior to the opening).

Live Market Analysis and Coaching

These coaching sessions are held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 6am New York time.