live futures trading roomIn this live futures trading room video, Gail reviews the indicators for Multicharts, TradeStation and NinjaTrader plus the key support and resistance areas where volume price analysis is performed for entries.  The TradersHelpDesk indicators includ the Trend Average True Range stop, Congestion Zones, ADX indicator, RSI indicator, and the Directional Volume for analyzing where volume is diverging, especially at support and resistance levels.

Entries are generated when price approaches the Average True Range stop on diverging volume.  All entries must be confirmed using at least one higher timeframe.  Additionally, the TradersHelpDesk ADX and RSI indicators clearly show when markets are either overbought or oversold and when price is likely to pullback to the ATR stop.  The only time that a trade is against the higher timeframe is when the ADX is clearly showing that a retracement or pullback to the ATR is likely on the higher timeframe.  The entry is then confirmed using a lower timeframe to not only time the entry but also to lower the risk just in case the market goes against the trade setup.

Live Futures Trading Room Video

In the Live Futures Trading Room, Gail reviews the Directional Volume indicator and how to read for volume divergence at the Trend Average True Range Stop Loss indicator for low risk entries.  Gail also reviews the Support Resistance indicator for identifying where the support or resistance is from the higher timeframes.

As Gail identifies potential entries, she also reviews the importance of using appropriate risk to reward to ensure that your losses are covered by your winning trades.  This is an area where most traders fail to realize the significance of using a profit target that is at least double the risk.

The Live Futures Trading Room is held every Thursday morning at 8:30 am EDT and gives you a chance to see the indicators working on the live edge of the market.  To register for the live trading room, click here.