Learning to trade binary options signals is more than just blindly taking an entry.  It is about reading price bars and identifying if there is confirmation on the chart that price will move in your direction, plus, after entry, you have to manage a trade.

Learning to Trade Binary Options Signals

In this video, Gail shows you how she uses the binary options, why she waits for a reversal bar and verifies that the Stochastics is confirming the trade before entering.  Then she uses the OTM binaries to lower risk.  Sometimes, if the market is moving extremely slow, then she may use an ATM or simply not take the trade.  Traders need to know what a pivot bar reversal is (she did a free Nadex webinar on this back in November) and she did a free webinar on the Stochastics in December, as well.

You can even request the Cheat Sheets for Pivot Bar formations by emailing Gail using the Contact form.