High Volatility ReportsJune has an abundance of high volatility reports.  Unlike typical summer months, June and July may prove to be quite active this year.

High Volatility Reports for June

The major reports that could affect have a huge impact on the  markets are:

  • OPEC Meetings, June 2nd
  • Euro Rate Announcement, June  2nd
  • Non-Farm Employment Change, June 3rd
  • Bank of Japan Rate Announcement, June 14
  • FOMC Economic Projects, Federal Funds Rate, June 15
  • GBP Rate Announcement, June 16
  • Options Expirations, June 17th
  • Brexit vote, June 23rd
  • Quarterly Expiration June 30th (aka Triple Witching)

The Non-Farm Employment numbers typically always cause high volatility.  This month will be no exception as traders will be looking at these numbers to further gauge if the Feds will increase in June or July.

There has been a substantial increase in the percentage of investors that believe the Feds will raise rates in either June or July.  Currently 34% believe a rate increase will occur in June and 60% believe one will occur in July.  The Feds may opt to raise the rates in July to circumvent the additional volatility that the Brexit vote will create in the market.  The Brexit polling is already creating extreme volatility British Pound and Euro currencies — some polls are showing that the “Leave” side is winning while others show that the “Stay” side is winning.  Regardless of the outcome, volatility in the currencies and indices is highly likely.

On June 17th we have options expiration so option traders will be offsetting their positions on the futures side.  And, on June 30th, we have the triple witching expirations.

High Volatility Reports for July

The highest volatility reports for July are:

  • Australian Dollar Cash Rate, July 5th
  • FOMC Meeting Minutes, July 6th
  • Non-Farm Employment Change, July 8th
  • Bank of Canada Overnight Rate, July 13th
  • British Pound Bank Rate Votes, July 14th
  • Euro Minimum Bid Rate, July 21st
  • Fed Funds Rate, July 27th
  • Bank of Japan Policy Statement, July 27th
  • Bank of Japan Outlook Report, July 29th

Regardless of whether you trade futures, forex, or binary options, this summer may prove to be one of the highest volatility summers of the decade.