On Sunday, September 9th, I received the following email from a client, that purchased the Silver Package for NinjaTrader 7, which comes with the indicators, video courses, and templates.   While I am not 100% certain, I would venture to say that this client had purchased other indicators and systems and had some experience when they purchased.  Why?  Because the client took to the indicators and understood them almost instantly.  Sometimes by going through other systems or indicators, or even having some experience, increases the likelihood of success later.

Dear Gail,

Hope you are doing well!

I have been a student and ardent follower of your methods for more than a year now!. It is indeed awesome! Hands down, it has to be one of the best trading tools ever! I have been fairly busy with my work and have still managed to eke out a good 3 digit percentage return, trading, this year to date…….SN

Of course, I could say that the Silver Package is magical and offers the keys to the kingdom……….lol but nothing does.  Instead, the client found a methodology that they could understand, that resonates with what he understands in the markets, which always makes understanding the markets a lot easier.


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