Trading cryptos is just like trading other markets because a chart is a chart – plain and simple. While traders may need to learn the increments for cryptos, market reports that affect cryptos, or liquidity (which can be seen by simply adding a standard volume indicator), trading patterns and technical analysis techniques work the same.

BTC/USD Cryptos Update

In Gail’s latest online video trading course, Guide to Successfully Trading Today’s Markets in 90 Days – Beginner’s Level, Gail teaches traders the critical skills needed for identifying, executing, and exiting trades. While Gail’s favorite markets are forex, the techniques she teaches work on any market. Gail clearly shows this in the video collection and even shows a trade on BTC/USD.

In this video, Gail shows you what happened after she exited the trade and why you should be tightening up your stop now as the crypto is heading into a strong resistance area.