Indices binary signals produce profits this morning in the first two hours of trading.

Indices Binary Signals Today

The following indices binary signals were tweeted this morning around 8am New York time.  Although the minimum expiration was 48 minutes, the indices binary options on Nadex Binary Options only had a 8-10 am expiration available.

Indices Binary Signals

Using the 12-minute charts, the signal lines were drawn in red and horizontal lines represent the 2-hour expiration using the Nadex Binary Options model.  As you can see, by 10 am New York time all of the indices binary signals closed in the money (or in the direction of the signal).  Click on the image to expand, if needed.

Indices Binary Signals Nets Profits

4 Successful Trade Signals

In this case, there were four signals and the trader could have entered right at a Delta 50 on each of the signals meaning that risk was equivalent to about $50.  While the trader could also opt to allow the binary option to expire, banking profits of $50 per contract, I typically set my profit target to capture $35 per contract in this example.  Both exit strategies would make profits — just dependent on which method the trader chose to go.

As each of the charts show, price was at a congestion dot, going into the higher timeframe move.  These are great examples of how easy trading can be because with the binary signals traders do not have to be precise — just right about where price is likely to go.  And, since we have no stops in binary options (risk is paid upfront on entry), then we simply sit back and allow the trade to work in our favor.  This makes trading so much simpler because we are not as fearful of the market going against us.

The binary signals is a monthly subscription and all signals go out on Twitter.  Of course, if the trader has the TradersHelpDesk indicators they can also participate in the Skype chat room.  To sign-up for the monthly  binary signals service simply click here.