In the video below, Gail Mercer, reviews potential upcoming moves on the AUDUSD and EURUSD forex pairs using the Traders Help Desk indicators for Trading View, which are included in the All-inclusive Membership Package.

By incorporating support and resistance with the average true range and then combining this technique with basic divergence and overbought and oversold areas, we can identify upcoming moves on any market. The video covers two examples, one on the AUDUSD and one on the EURUSD.

The first example (AUDUSD) shows the higher timeframe testing a level of resistance with a bearish candlestick pattern forming. The lower timeframe is showing divergence using the Stochastics to confirm a downward move.

The second example, EURUSD, shows an ADX peak has formed with the Stochastics oversold. Although a move to the upside is anticipated (testing for resistance), the larger move may be to the downside if resistance is found.