There have been a lot of questions on how to trade binary signals.  While some may want to simply blindly take the signals, Gail recommends learning how to enter and to manage the trade.  In other words, learn to trade not just blindly follow.

How to Trade Binary Signals

In this video, Gail Mercer, founder of TradersHelpDesk and Gail Mercer Binary Signals, shows you how to trade binary signals and to manage the trade once you are in it with an example on the GBPUSD binary signal this morning.

The Gail Mercer Binary Signals are $99 per month.  Gail does recommend that traders use reversal bars, pivot lines and the Stochastics in the Nadex Platform, if they do not have the TradersHelpDesk indicators.

For traders that have TradeStation, Multicharts, or NinjaTrader, TradersHelpDesk offers several trading packages for traders, including the Create Your Own, Silver and Diamond packages.

  • Create Your Own Package allows traders to choose 3 indicators and includes documentation, and support.
  • Silver Day Trading Package is for traders that cannot attend a seminar and learn best with videos.  It includes all the indicators, online video training, documentation, updates for one year, and support.
  • Diamond Package is for traders that need more indepth training and learn better in a classroom environment.  It includes everything from the Silver Day Trading Package plus a 2 day seminar in Greensboro, May 1 & 2, 2017.