In this video, Gail shows you how to save a copy of the charts she sends you when you subscribe to the TradingView version of the TradersHelpDesk indicators

By sending you the charts, it makes it very easy for you to setup your charts just like Gail’s because these are the same charts that Gail uses (and you have probably already seen in most of her videos).

Save the TradingView Charts with the TradersHelpDesk Indicators

As you can see in the video, getting started with the TradersHelpDesk indicators and TradingView only takes about 5 minutes (the time it takes to save a chart). Additionally, if you are using the symbol lists like Gail does, you can easily change from one instrument to another by simply selecting your new instrument.

As a reminder, the settings option is not available on any of the indicators until you have saved the charts that Gail sends you. Once you save the charts, then the settings option will be enabled. If you are not authorized to use the indicators, then they will not appear. However, this should not be an issue because all the indicators are included in the monthly subscription for only $75 (plus a one-time setup fee of $99).