We have numerous high volatility reports this week, including the FOMC announcements on Wednesday and the ECB Press Conference on Thursday, followed by the Bank of Japan Policy Statement early Friday morning.

High Volatility Reports This Week

The markets will be flooded with all types of reports this week – red, orange and yellow (used by forexfactory.com to identify how volatile a report is).  The highest volatility reports (marked red) are:

High Volatility Reports

The medium volatility reports (marked in orange) may cause some volatility but typically the move is not as volatile as the red reports.  However, it also depends on the actual results.  If the results are a surprise, then the markets will react more and if the reports are neutral then less movement can be seen.  The medium volatility reports are:

Orange Reports

Last but not least are the low impact releases (marked with yellow squares).  These releases create the smallest movement.  Again, if the number released is a surprise than it could have a larger impact than if the number stays within the range that is expected.  The yellow reports are:

Yellow Reports