The following high volatility market reports may affect market movement this week.  Of course the two biggest reports will be the Bank of Canada Rate Statement on Wednesday at 10am and the Non-Farm Employment Change on Friday at 8:30am.

High Volatility Market Reports

Based on the market reports this week, the binary options signals will start Monday evening at 7pm and continue thru until Friday morning.  The signals will stop prior to the Non-Farm Employment report.

High Volatility Market Reports

Since the binary signals do not run on the USDCAD, they will not be stopped prior to the Bank of Canada Rate Statement.

Also, the G7 meetings begin on Thursday and there are a lot of orange reports.  Orange reports are typically not as highly volatile as the red but could create some volatility immediately after the report is announced.  Notice that the European session is heaviest on Wednesday and then Thursday is heaviest for these reports during the US session.  On Friday, the G7 meetings continue, as well.  During the G7, officials will usually talk to reporters throughout the day and formal statements are typically issued after the meetings.  This can also create volatility depending on what is said by the finance ministers during this period.

medium reports