The email this morning was very helpful.  Just as you identified entries on the sell side and avoiding the last one due to the magenta peak on the 12 minute with expectation of trading back to the ATR, it helped me to use both of the time period charts together.  I was able to get off a short against the ATR on the NQ after the magenta peak at 10 a.m. on the 12 minute using the same methodology I believe.

It was my first profitable trade.  I did a TYH trade last Friday, but had to get out as the ATR turned sellers and I AM TRYING VERY HARD TO FOLLOW THE RULES.

I have traded a long time, and I sat last Thursday and Friday very confused, but I felt as if the charts were talking to me this a.m. just as when you went through the setup and what you saw looking at all the time periods.  I was afraid to trade, but it is getting better.  I see PATIENCE is very vital.