In the video, I show the Gail Mercer Binary Signals examples on the trade signals for the EURJPY, EURUSD and Crude binaries this morning.  The signals can be traded in a variety of ways including ITM, ATM, and OTM strikes.

Gail Mercer Binary Signals Examples – Video

The video below shows the different alternatives traders have when using the Gail Mercer Binary Signals subscription service.  This is a monthly subscription service that sends out binary signals on futures, commodities, and forex.  Since forex has 2 hour binaries every two hours for the entire day and night, there are more forex signals than futures or commodities.  As a trader, I trade whatever is moving but some traders are prone to favor one market over another.

Also in the video, I show how you can filter some of the losers, and there will be losing trades, with a higher timeframe and the TradersHelpDesk indicators.  Or you can simply take the signals using an ATM strike, OTM strike, or ITM strike depending on your risk tolerance.