This morning in the coaching session, we identified both FX trades and Futures trades that would likely come in after the US market opening. Remember also that we had an 8:30 am New York time report.

After analyzing the markets, we do an overview. There were three high potential trades using the higher time frames – EURJPY (112 pips expected), GBPUSD (55 pips expected), and the Nasdaq (276 ticks expected).

The EURJPY trade just came in a few minutes ago (the black drawing shows what I anticipated price to do before entry) and has moved down about 20 pips so far.


Then we expected the GBPUSD to move down about 55 pips and it has moved down about 50 pips so far.


On the GBPJPY we expected a 45 pip move and it has completed that expectation.


On the Nasdaq trade, there has been a 204 tick drop, which was anticipated.

Nasdaq Futures Trade
Nasdaq Futures Trade

Of course we also identified other moves on the USDPY and EURUSD, which are either still working or have already hit targets.

FX Trades and Futures Trades Coaching Sessions

These coaching sessions cover both forex and futures markets. They cover all types of trading techniques from longer term to intraday to scalping. Everyone has to complete their analysis, as well as an overview of which markets will likely provide the entries, prior to the session and then they receive my analysis for the day. These are all in written format and kept in a notebook so they can not only review them (as they review the videos of the coaching sessions) but also so they can see how the trades played out. We then review what is anticipated for an entry. Whenever possible I also teach how to manage trades provided there is a setup during the session.

Of course, these sessions are not free. I devote a lot of my time to creating the learning materials for them to work on to identify FX trades and futures trades, answering their emails to ensure they are doing it correctly, plus typically spending an hour to an hour and a half each day in the session (held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 6am New York time), then posting the video afterwards for review.

And, their investment in the coaching sessions (and themselves) are paying off. After just three weeks they are understanding that the market is predictive. It just takes applying a logical course of action to see the patterns. It’s a lot of “grunt” work to do but the advantages are huge.

You can continue to look for an easier solution or you can decide to finally learn to trade by signing up for the Coaching Sessions today.