Futures Market Review for this WeekThe Futures Market Review for this week includes identifying support and resistance for Gold, Crude, Dow Jones, Nasdaq, S&P 500, British Pound, Euro, Swiss Franc and Aussie Dollar markets.

Futures Market Review for this Week Video

In this video, Gail first reviews the indicators for Multicharts Scanner, TradeStation RadarScreen and the NinjaTrader Market Analyzer.  Then she reviews the congestion zones and Average True Range Stop Loss areas that will act as support or resistance (you must analyzed the Directional Volume indicator for divergence at these areas).

On most of the futures markets, the Average True Range Stop Loss has provided a lot of resistance for price to continue down.  However, the 180 minute and 45 minute charts are showing that support may be forming at the Average True Range Stop.  This indicates that we may see an initial move back up to the Average True Range Stop on the higher timeframes (1440 and 720 minute) and these are key areas to analyze for buyers and sellers using the Directional Volume indicator to identify volume divergence.

With the exception of Crude, which may become oversold later in the week, the other futures markets are not showing any potential for being overbought or oversold and no ADX magenta peaks are upcoming.  Therefore, trend trading (once the trend is established) is the only trade entry mechanism currently identified or entry at a top (or bottom) of the congestion zones, if presented.

 Futures Market Review for Week of August 2, 2015