Futures Market ReviewThe Futures Market Review link is below.  The Futures Market Review uses the Trend Average True Range indicator with Congestion Dots, support & resistance, ADX indicator, and Directional volume to identify where price will likely go when the US session opens.

Futures Market Review

The Futures Market Review covers the four basic time frames that I believe determine the market direction for the day, as well as area that will resist price or support price.  The support and resistance areas are based on the Congestion Dots and Average True Range stop that is built-in to the Trend ATR indicator.  Then we simply analyze volume as it retraces to one of these areas to identify either a volume momentum shift or a decrease in either buyers or sellers (depending on market direction).

By trading the Nadex binary options or spread we can limit our risk even further.  We use exactly the same setups that we use on the futures, forex, and commodity markets but limit the risk on entry.  If trading futures, forex or commodities, we typically limit the risk to no more than 15 ticks on most markets (with the exception of the DAX, Gold, and Crude which are more volatile and we use 20 ticks on average for these markets).

The binary options and spreads also allow us to trade market openings and high volatile market reports because we limit risk on entry.  On the futures, forex, and commodity markets we cannot trade high volatile trading times because it is possible for our stops to be jumped over and we would incur a larger loss.  We also use the free Market Volatility report to know how much movement we can anticipate on these markets.  That allows us to use the out of the money binary options to limit our risk even further.