We recorded the live trading room for Futures, Forex, and Binary Options this morning.  Most of the trend trades actually came in around 6am this morning.  I did an earlier post on it.

We did a couple of teeny trades on the binary options, did a Crude Light counter trend trade that setup on the 3 minutes and a Gold trade short.

Live Trading Room Video

There were also counter trend trades on the NQ, AD and JY that we discussed.

Also, the trend trade that I discussed in an earlier blog actually ended with a risk to reward ratio of 1 to 6.6 on the Dow Jones by simply moving your stop with the previous price bar.

Trend Trades Dow 1 to 6 Risk to Reward

In the live trading room we use the THD indicators and strategies to identify trad setups on the futures and forex markets using either the 45 minute with a 3 minute entry chart or a 180 minute with a 12 minute entry chart.  This allows us to enter using a low risk methodology when the higher timeframes are confirming the entries.  We do not take entries that are not confirmed by the higher timeframe.  We also only trade out of the money binary options so we can increase the reward on the binary options when possible.

The THD Strategies automatically highlight the entries for you.  The ATR strategy also identify the profit target and has two built-in stops.  One stop is based on the ATR stop indicator and the second stop kicks in once a minimum profit target has been achieved.  Then the stop follows price closer to get more profits.

The THD Strategies will be available soon on a subscription only basis (either quarterly or annually) for clients that have the indicators.  Of course with our new subscription service, clients will always have the latest indicators, online training courses, and access to a weekly webinar on Mondays from 10am till noon.