The forex overview video is below, as well as the British Pound trades using binary options.  Needless to say, forex is moving!

Forex Overview

In this video, Gail Mercer, founder of TradersHelpDesk, reviews the moves on forex — and it is definitely moving.  Gail identifies the moves she expects and explains why.  The biggest movers were the British Pound as both the GBPUSD and GBPJPY were overbought and the EURGBP was oversold.  Then price moved to the downside on the British Pound currencies, which meant that more likely than not the EURGBP would go up and it did.

Forex Overview – British Pound Trades with Binary Options

After seeing the weakness in the GBP and strength in the Euro, Gail opts to enter two EURGBP binary options trades to the upside.  Since the only option was to use the dailies, Gail chooses both the 7am and 11am and the risk was super low because the EURGBP is a slow mover, typically.  Then after a retracement to the ATR on the 15-minute, Gail enters a short on the GBPUSD 6am expiration for a risk of about $32.50.

Within a few minutes of the forex overview video, Gail exits the trade and locks in $1070.75 in profits.  Her total risk on all trades was $557.50 and the risk to reward was $1 to $1.92.  Not bad for a Monday morning.

Forex Overview and British Pound Trades Using binary options

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