Gail’s latest article, A Forex Focus Comparison Using Currency Futures, identifies which markets have the most volume and the most movement.

Stocks & Commodities – A Forex Focus Comparison Using Currency Futures

Most new traders gravitate to the S&P mini because of its liquidity.  But here’s a look at daily price movement in the currency futures vs. that of the S&P 500.  Which one has the larger price movement?  In this article that was published in Stocks & Commodities magazine, Gail analyzes the volume on the S&P 500 versus each of the six major currency futures to determine which instruments are better for trading and what times to expect the most movement on each of the markets.

In this article, Gail provides detailed a detailed analysis of each of the currency futures including the average annual movement plus the hour of the day which day traders can expect the most movement.  She then compares all of the currency futures against the S&P 500, since that is the one market that new traders tend to gravitate to.  Her studies have shown that the S&P 500 is probably not the best market for new traders to begin with and they should instead choose one of the currency futures that is covered in her article.

Download the Stocks & Commodities article by Gail Mercer, A Forex Focus Comparison:  Looking at Other Markets (Stocks & Commodities V. 28:5 (26-30):  Looking at Other Markets by Gail Mercer.)