EURGBP Market Guide and Volatility AnalysisThe EURGBP Market Guide and Volatility Analysis has been released.  This white paper provides in-depth information for trading the EURGBP forex pair.  Includes in the analysis are market hours, common pip spread, pip value, volume analysis for annual, daily and hourly ranges, as well as pip movement for daily, quarterly and hourly periods.

EURGBP Market Guide and Volatility Analysis Summary

The EURGBP forex pair has a pip value of $14.2080, which is higher than most of the other currencies.  The volume graphs in the EURGBP Market Guide also show that volume decreased significantly in the EURGBP after 2011.  However, in 2015 volume has almost doubled that in 2014 indicating that liquidity for the EURGBP is returning.  Also, remember on June 23, 2016, the United Kingdom will vote on the United Kingdom Union Membership referendum to decide whether the United Kingdom remains or withdraws from the European Union.  Perhaps the significant increase in volume in 2015 is due to the upcoming vote, which should provide for a highly volatile market period in June.

While market volume has increase substantially in 2015, the average daily pip movement has only increased about twenty pips over 2014.  The highest pip movement on a daily basis was in 2009 but has decreased over subsequent years.

[sociallocker]Additionally the EURGBP market guide shows that the most volatile quarters for the EURGBP are the first and last quarter with the slowest movement being in the third quarter (July, August, and September).

Additionally, although the volume studies show liquidity during Asia, London and the US sessions, with the US session being the highest, the actual pip movement tables show that there is very little volatility during the Asian session.  Perhaps traders entering during the Asian session should have a more longer-term view versus a shorter-term approach to trading the EURGBP during these time periods.

To download the EURGBP Market Guide, simply click on the white paper link below.

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