EURAUD Market Guide and Volatility Analysis

EURAUD Market Guide and Volatility Analysis has just been released.  This White Paper identifies a wealth of information for trading the EURAUD including:

  • Symbol information for both TradeStation and NinjaTrader
  • Quote and Trade Costs Information
  • Price Increments and Current Pip Values
  • Trading Hours and Market Sessions
  • Volume comparisons for year and hour
  • Volatility by year, quarter and hour

EURAUD Market Guide and Volatility Analysis

[sociallocker]As the market guide shows, the volume on this currency has started to increase again (after a period of contraction from 2012 to 2014).  Additionally, it is one of the few currencies that can be traded twenty-four hours a day as evidenced by the volatility studies that are included in the white paper.  And, unlike other currencies, the most volatile quarter is the fourth quarter of the year (October to December).

Also, the current pip value is approximately $7.6837, based on trading one full lot ($100,000).  Additionally, the average pip spread, which fluctuates according to volatility and forex brokers, is about three to four pips.  Please note that the pip spread will increase dramatically at market openings and high volatile market reports.

Also, if you are new to trading currencies, please be aware that when currencies are held overnight, interest can be paid or charged to your account depending on the interest rates based on the two currencies and determined by your broker.

White Paper