Entries using the ATR Support and Resistance indicator can easily be identified by following one simple rule — you need at least 2 ATRs in your direction before taking a trade.

Entries on ATR Support and Resistance Indicator on Nasdaq Futures

In this video, Gail Mercer, founder of TradersHelpDesk, shows you how to use the ATR Support and Resistance indicator to identify the market direction and how to enter by combining the Stochastics with the ATR Support and Resistance indicator.  Basically, two ATRs must align for a market direction.  The white ATR is the fastest timeframe.  The blue ATR is the medium timeframe and the red ATR is the slowest timeframe.  In this example, the white equals a three minute ATR; the blue equals a 12 minute ATR; and the red equals a 45 minute ATR.  Whenever two ATRS align, you can then enter when price retraces to an ATR.

The new indicator is available for TradeStation and Multicharts.  For a limited time, the indicator is also included in the Silver Package, which is currently on special for $1,495.  The Silver Package includes the indicators, documentation, and over 20 hours of in-depth video training.  Plus, Gail will even install the indicators on your computer, if needed.