An early morning Nasdaq trade with entry at 6465.50 and exit around 6470 for a 4 1/2 point gain.

Early Morning Nasdaq Trade Off ATR

In this video, Gail Mercer shows you how she uses the TradersHelpDesk indicators to identify the entry on a trade and exit a trade prior to a retracement. Her entry is at 6465.50 and exit is around 6470.

Both the 12 minute and 45 minute timeframes were moving up.  The 3 minute chart indicated a retracement back to the ATR on hidden divergence (mimicking what the 12 minute indicated).  A Nasdaq trade entry into the uptrend was executed at 6465.50.

After entry, price moved up, retraced slightly and then moved up again to 6468.25.  Immediately, Gail pulls her stop up giving her a risk free trade.  Her expectation was a touch of 6475.  After price moves through the 6468.25 area, the stochastics indicated an overbought market and volume divergence came in.  Instead of risking the profit that she had on the table, Gail opts to exit the trade — locking in her profits.  The original risk on the trade was 6 ticks and she managed to take 22 ticks providing a risk to reward of a little over 1:3.

The Nasdaq trade techniques that Gail uses in this video are taught in the online video content that is included in both the Silver and Diamond Trading Packages.  Plus, for those that need additional training, the Diamond Trading Package also includes 10 hours of personal mentoring with Gail.  Now is a great time to begin learning because the most active trading periods, January to March are coming up.

Another comment from a client this morning:

The ATR is amazing!

And your Market Analyzer is incredible!


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