The coaching sessions are making a difference for clients. Here are just a few of the comments I have received regarding the coaching sessions.

I’m really am enjoying and benefiting from your coaching sessions!.  I like the new Trading Analysis Sheets and the methodology for approaching the markets each new trading day.  It helps me to keep my focus, my market perspective and my trading priorities regarding the individual markets for the day. It also helps me to reinforce the market concepts, trading principles and price action you teach and trade. 

I’m not sure what has changed so much(besides me) since I stepped away from trading about a year ago but all of a sudden I am understanding much more about your market analysis, market selection for trading and how to approach it as a trader. It makes sense to me what you’re pointing out to us and walking us through in the markets each session, why it’s important and how it may affect price action for the trading day.  I also really like that I can compare what I have noted in my Trade Analysis Sheets with your results because it points out my oversights, biases or areas I don’t fully understand. 

I traded some 5 minute binaries in GBP/USD after your coaching session yesterday and that was eye opening for me.  Great practice for spotting setups  and thinking/acting quickly whether to take the trade or not.. Eye opening for me in that trading 5 minute binaries is similar to scalping with options and I can get a lot of practice!  


By the way, I am really enjoying the coaching sessions and I’m happy that you’re introducing us to stock options.


The coaching sessions are included in the TradingView Indicators Special Package (annual subscription) and can be added to the Silver Trading Package for only $795 per year.