Why I didn’t trade the Nasdaq today was a combination of reasons.  Although there was a magenta peak on the 180, looking at the congestion zones, I knew it would be a bumpy ride at best.  There were support and resistance lines everywhere.  In other words, no clear shot to my goal.

Why I didn’t trade the Nasdaq today?

Of course, trading looks so easy because either the market goes up or down.  Yet it is the hardest, easiest job you will ever have.  Basically, as a new trader, you really don’t know, what you don’t know.  This makes it hard to understand days like today when you cannot trade the Nasdaq.  This is also why I focus so much of my time on training both new and old traders — so they can also make sense out of the market, as I do.  In this video, I show you why I didn’t trade the Nasdaq.

And, I wanted to share what one experienced trader said about the tools.  (Please see required disclaimer.)

I grew up in agriculture and had my own farming operation for 20 years before moving into trading almost full time after that. At this point my trading experience is over 20 years. There are a lot of trading “education” programs/ methods out there and I have have experienced the good, the bad, and the downright ugly.

In 2012 Gail Mercer and THD caught my attention, and I can say from experience that I have never seen anything that is so comprehensive and easy to understand. THD really put things together for me in a way that took my analysis/trading to another level.

Then there is the aspect of Gail and her integrity. I don´t think there is anyone out there who cares more about the success of the students. THD definitely takes work, study, and commitment, but in my humble opinion, THD gives you the best chance for success.


As Keith states, even when using the TradersHelpDesk indicators and methodology, you still have work to do and sometimes you cannot trade the Nasdaq because the setup is not there.  You must have commitment, you must study, and it will take work.  The difference is that I am willing to help as much as possible to make sure you understand the indicators and the markets.

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