In the live market analysis coaching sessions last week, we had some really great futures and forex trades setup come in.  These trades were identified using the higher time frames and prior to the opening of the US session on both futures and forex using the Stochastics, ADX, ATR, support and resistance techniques combined with candlestick patterns.  (The live market analysis and coaching sessions are held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday beginning at 6am New York time.)

Futures and Forex Trades

For example, on the USDJPY, on May 23rd, I mentioned I could not see anything but shorts.  Price had tested the ATR on the 360 minute chart and the Stochastics had been overbought.  I anticipated that price would go down below the prior low and it did over 109 pips.  Traders could have used the USDJPY, touch bracket, binary options, call spreads or a combination of these methods to profit from the move.

Did you miss these futures and forex trades?

Additionally, the higher time frames indicated a downward move on the emini Russell 2000.  Guess what?  It moved down over 33 points — or 330 ticks.  Again, traders had the option of trading it with the futures, touch brackets, binary options, call spreads, or a combination of methods.

emini Russell 2000 trade

These are just two of the futures and forex trades that were discussed in the live market analysis and coaching sessions that are held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 6am New York time. 

When I asked one client how they liked the new sessions, here is what he said:

“Loving it….the pace is a little fast for me but I watch the video afterwards and catch the little things I miss.  I am really trying to understand how you can anticipate what the indicators are going to do, like when the ATR will hold or when it will flip. That has been my focus for the last two months and now I get to hear you talk about it on the live edge. “

The annual price for these sessions are $995.  That’s 12 months of live market analysis and coaching (about $83 per month or less than $20 per week).  If you didn’t catch these trades this week, then you have a choice.  You can keep giving your money to the markets or you can sign-up for these live sessions and learn how to identify your trade, enter the trade, and then manage the trade.