The descending triangle pattern that was developing on the futures markets yesterday all achieved their profit targets. Traders could have limited their risk on their short positions by using the Nadex Binary Options, Nadex Call Spreads or (the best option in my opinion) Nadex Touch Brackets. Additionally, traders could have traded the underlying futures markets, as well.

In this video, I review how many potential entries traders had utilizing the Tradershelpdesk indicators on the 12-minute and 3-minute charts. Additionally, if traders have been through the Successfully Trading Today’s Markets in 90 Days, then they would have also identified entries from double tops where the resistance area held (traders were rejecting the highs).

Descending Triangle Pattern on Futures Achieves Targets on Futures

Results on Futures

The emini Nasdaq moved down over 70 points, the emini S&P 500 moved down over 30 points, and the emini Russell 2000 moved down over 20 points. These projections (measuring from high of triangle to low of triangle) were anticipated early yesterday morning when the potential pattern was identified and an email was sent.

emini Russell 2000 Profit Target