In this Day Trading Indicators for Futures and Forex Introductory video, Gail explains the TradersHelpDesk indicators and different package options.

 After watching this video, you will see how easily you can identify if price is making new highs or lows in the Directional Volume indicator; how the support and resistance indicator, Congestion Zones, keep you from buying into a resistance area or selling into strong support areas; when you should range trade versus trend trade; and how to identify overbought and oversold area by using the ADX indicator and RSI indicator.

Gail also reviews the difference between the day trading futures and forex trading packages.  Basically, the Diamond Day Trading Package is an all inclusive program that provides online training for a full 12 month period, all the indicators, and 1/2 price off any live seminars that Gail does.  The Silver Day Trading Package includes all the indicators with the exception of the Zones indicators, plus online video training specifically designed for Silver Package subscribers.  And, if you later decide to upgrade to the Diamond Package, you only pay the difference between Silver and Diamond subscription prices.

Both packages and most of the indicators also come with platform video training, instruction manual, and alerts (both audio, visual and email) to keep you focused on where the trades are setting up.

Day Trading Indicators Day Trading Indicators