Day Trading Futures Market OverviewDay Trading Futures Market Overview identifies where we expect price to go this week based on volume with support and resistance.  The ADX indicator is also used to identify where retracements are likely to occur and then we simply add the Trend ATR to identify the price level for the retracement.

The Day Trading Futures Market overview includes analysis of the EURUSD, USDJPY, Crude, Gold, Dow and Nasdaq based on higher time frames support and resistance levels as identified by the Trend ATR congestion dot.  As price approaches a level of support and resistance, we then read the bar using the Directional Volume indicator to identify volume divergence.

Day Trading Futures Market Overview Highlights

  • EURUSD could give us a retracement at first of week
  • USDJPY could retrace to around 119.90, if it can break the support area on the 45 minute chart
  • Crude is at a monthly resistance level and the 180 has come within about 15 ticks of the ATR.
  • Gold could see new highs this week as price reaches up for the previous resistance level.
  • Nasdaq is working hard trying to get to the 4400 area.  As it stands now, it may get there.
  • Mini Dow could see new highs this week if it can stay above the 16960 area.  We could see a retest of the 16845 area before the new high is put in.

The day trading futures market review video gives us insight as to what the market may do this week, especially when looking to the higher time frames for support and resistance.  Then we simply zero down in time to identify what the buyers and sellers are doing using the Directional Volume indicator.  This enables up to watch for shifts in momentum between buyers and sellers as well as for volume divergence (meaning the buyers or sellers are decreasing instead of increasing as anticipated).