Day Trading eMinis Futures and Currency markets video for this week shows we may get some upward movement.

Gold is currently testing the Average True Range Stop but the Directional Volume indicator shows that sellers were not coming in strong.  Then on Crude, although we may get a retracement to about $45, unless buyers start coming in strong, we will probably see new lows as the higher timeframe Average Directional Index (ADX) does not show any potential for magenta peaks.

On the Dow, ES, and Nasdaq, we may see a bounce down off the 45 minute chart but then could go up.  On the Dow, we have resistance at around 17400; on the NQ we have resistance at 4560 and then 4600; and on the ES we have resistance around 2076/2078 and then clear to 2082.  Remember after the bounce off the 45 minute chart, the average true range should flip to blue and then a retest is expected to ensure support has formed before it can go up.  Of course buyers would need to come in and sellers would need to decrease.

Looking the at the Currency Futures, I would anticipate upward movement, at least initially.  The British Pound could see a move to about 1.5530; the Euro if it can clear the resistance that is scattered from about 1.0985 to 1.1010, then we could see a move back to 1.1200.  On the Swiss Franc, if we can flip the Average True Range Stop (ATR), we could see 1.0300.  On the Aussie, if we can clear the resistance from 7400 to 7450, then we could see a new high around 7500.  On the Canadian Dollar, we could see a movement to around .7650 but may get downward movement thereafter.

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