Crude Binary Options SignalsThe Crude Binary trade signals today were great.

However, prior to the Crude trades, I was trading the YM signals.  I had one on the 12-minute chart short and one on a daily short.  Both resulted in my profit target being hit, or the trader allowed them to expire “in the money”.  Either way. they were profitable.   The strike price for the daily was 17630 and the 2-hour binary strike was 17622.

Binary Option Signals on Dow

Crude Binary Trade Signals

Then we moved over to Crude.  I opted to only take the first long position on Crude at the $48.36.  We were expecting a bounce off the TradersHelpDesk Trend Average True Range stop indicator.  Fifteen minutes later I had my profit target hit.  Now after that trade, we had another two trades come in and they were also just as profitable.  Those trades worked mainly because the price slowed down to a crawl and all the trader had to do was wait for expiration (I personally do not hold until expiration).

Crude Binary Trade SignalsThe blue or red dots on the charts above represent where the signals come in.  Then it is just a matter of either finding the strike price closest to the signal with the minimum expiration that is recommended.  For slower markets, if you are trading a Delta 50, I recommend doubling the recommended timeframe.  If you are trading the Delta 70, then I recommend sticking with the recommended timeframe or lower.  The difference is what one considers a reasonable risk.  Most of my trades have a risk that is less than $55.  I take between $35 and $40 in profits.  However, there are traders that choose the $65 to $70 risk area and take between $30 and $35 in profits.  The difference is the binary option with a risk of $65 to $70 has a higher chance of expiring in the money.  This gives the trader a higher probability for a positive outcome.