Building trades on the EURUSD with binary options is easy when you use the TradersHelpDesk Stochastics and methodology.  With the ADX being overextended on the higher timeframes, and the TradersHelpDesk Stochastics indicating the markets were also oversold, we simply go down in time to identify where price is likely to reverse.

Building Trades EURUSD with Binary OptionsBuilding Trades EURUSD with Binary Options

Throughout the day yesterday in the Skype room we were discussing the EURUSD because an upward turn was coming.  Both the 720 and the 1440 had trend divergence using the TradersHelpDesk Stochastics, which clearly indicates where the support and resistance levels are on the Stochastics.  As I mentioned in the Skype room, the Asian session should be the one kicking off the move.  After the Asian opening, I started building trades:

  • 9pm for $30.25 in Risk
  • 11pm for $23 in Risk
  • 11am for $31 in Risk
  • 7pm for $35 in Risk
  • Weekly 3pm for $44.25 in Risk

The 9pm expired in the money resulting in a profit of $69.75.  The 11pm expired in the money for $77 in profit.  The 11am and 7pm are in the money currently and the weekly is very close.

Updates 12/22/16:Building trades on the EURUSD with binary options, based on one contract (excluding exchange fees):

  •  11am and 7pm hit their limit orders at $90, resulting in $59 and $55 in profits (plus the $69.75 and $77 already taken).
  • Weekly is still working and as long as price stays above 1.0425, it will close in profits.

Building trades on the EURUSD with binary options, using low risk entry points, allows you to capture more profits when the market does move in your direction.

The TradersHelpDesk Stochastics is currently available for TradeStation and Multicharts and includes both the charting and scanner indicators.  The indicator will be available for NinjaTrader in January 2017, as well.  It is included in both the Silver and Diamond packages, as well.  The Silver and Diamond packages both offer online training courses and the Diamond Trading Package also includes the upcoming seminar in Greensboro, NC.