Day Trading Binary OptionsThe charts below shows the binary signals results for futures and forex.  Since the images capture numerous charts, please click on the individual images to expand and show the results.

Binary Signals Results for Futures and Forex

The green checkmark on the binary signals results for the US session on July 6, 2016 indicate a positive trade.  The red checkmark on the charts indicate a losing trade.  On July 6th, during the US session only (8am till 4pm New York time) there were 8 signals.  Six signals produce profits and two signals are losing trades.  Although typically a trade that is borderline I mark as an “X”, in the case of the USDJPY trade at 8am, I was in the trade and it did close below the signal price so it is marked as a positive trade.

Binary Signals Results for Futures and Forex Results US Session 7616

During the US Session for futures, there were a total of 11 signals.  Seven of the trades were profitable and four were negative.  Again, remember there can be multiple signals but the trade is not executed until price reaches the signal line.

Futures Results on 7616Finally, on the overnight forex signals, a total of 27 signals met the criteria.  Out of the 27 signals, 15 were positive and 13 were negative.   Note that some of the charts have a red circle with a red line through it.  Those particular symbols do not have a 45-minute binary option available, if trading the Nadex Binary Options.  In this case, if using the Nadex Binary Options, either the trader has two choices:  Either bypass the trade or take the closest daily expiration if it is within reason for a 45-minute minimum expiration.

Forex Overnight Results 7717For example, if the signal comes in at 6pm, there is a daily expiration for 11pm.  However, if the signal comes in at 7pm, then the next daily expiration is 11pm, which is not reasonable for a 45-minute expiration.