Trading Binary SignalsThe binary signals on AUDUSD and EURJPY closed in the money.  These were the only two signals I posted today both using Out of the Money binary options.

Binary Signals on AUDUSD and EURJPY

The following binary signals were issued this afternoon:

binary signals audusd eurjpy

The minimum time for each was 3 hours.  The trader had two choices, the 7pm or the 11pm (all times are New York times).  The trader could choose one or both to trade the signals.

The TradeStation charts below show an arrow where the signals were called.

Binary Signals on AUDUSD

The Out of the Money strikes that were available (using a one strike out method) were:

  • AUDUSD > .7360 (available for both the 7pm and 11pm expiration)
  • EURJPY > 117.80 (available for both the 7pm and 11pm expiration)

Since I advise using the Out of the Money Binaries, the risk was lowered to less than $50 per contract.  By 7pm both the AUDUSD and EURJPY expired “In the Money” as shown on the charts below (gray arrow highlights where the signal was called and the arrow identifies the strike price).

binary signals audusd eurjpy

On the AUDUSD > .7360 by 11pm New York time, profits are already locked in.  Especially since the AUDUSD price is currently trading at the R3 level.

The EURJPY > 117.80 (short) by 11pm New York time, is still pending.  However, I would not take a loss on the trade at this point.

Update:  Trading binary signals on AUDUSD and EURJPY, the strikes expired in the money for the 11pm strike.