Forex Binary Options Signals VideosI recorded two binary options signals videos this morning.  One video shows the GBPUSD signal and one AUDUSD signal.  The GBPUSD achieved the profit target and the AUDUSD lost money.  However, I covered the loss with the original binary strike price as it formed a support area for price to go up.  Then binary signals were issued on the EURUSD and the EURJPY but only the EURUSD provided an entry, which also produced profits.

Binary Options Signals Videos – AUDUSD and GBPUSD

In this video, the signals are on the AUDUSD and GBPUSD.  Although other signals came out, most did not have a 45 minute expiration available or the risk was not within the defined parameters of $40 to $55.  The AUDUSD trade loss money but I was able to recoup the loss when the chart showed that the AUDUSD had formed support at the original strike price.

Binary Options Signals Videos – EURUSD and EURJPY

In this video, I show the trade I took from the EURUSD binary option signal.  While I waited for the EURJPY to reach the risk parameter, it did not but the EURUSD did achieve profits.


Why not take every trade signal?  Because some of the signals do not have a 45 minute expiration — the 2 hours binaries do not start until 8am on some of the currencies.  Additionally, I am not looking to see how many trades I can get in a day — the signals issue over 200 a day.  Out of the 200, about 1/2 are duplicates.  The duplicates are issued to let us know that the signal is still valid if we are not already in the trade or if the market is trending and you can add to your positions.  I focus on trading 4 to 5 binary signals per session (scratch trades like the AUDUSD are not counted as they do not increase my account).

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