Binary Options Signal TradesBinary Options Signal Trades this morning on the Nasdaq — This morning in the live trading room, Gail explained that she though the Nasdaq was going down because it had struggled at the Congestion Zone on the 180 minute chart (which coincided with a Resistance Line).

Binary Options Signal Trades From the Live Trading Room

She place an Out of the Money binary options trade (1 contract only) at 4272 with a daily expiration believing that price would be less than 4272 by 4:15 pm New York time.  Although price initially moved up by the time she closed the room, she advised those that were nervous to close the trade with the $15 of profit.  However, she believed that price would in fact go down at least to the Pivot line at about 4235.

After exiting the room, Gail did an additional out of the money binary option at 4281, that expired at 1pm (she believed price would be less than 4281 by 1pm New York time).  In the video, Gail shows you the results of the 1pm and, so far, on the 4:15 binary options on the Nasdaq.  The 1pm expiration closed below 4281 as anticipated (it was actually deep in the money near expiration so letting it expired was the best thing to do) for a profit of $51.  The 4:15 binary option is also deep in the money as price is currently at 4249 (needs to be less than 4272 at 4:15pm).  Risk on the 4272 binary option signal was $42.  Current profit on the binary is $42.  There is a potential for another $16 of profit if price continues on its current path.  Or you could close the position now with $42 of profit for a 1:1 risk to reward ratio.  Either way these trades show just how powerful the higher timeframe support and resistance areas are.

Binary Options Signal Video