Binary Options Makes a DifferenceBinary options make a difference because what truly matters is where the indicative is at expiration.  The trades on Gold today show what this truly means for traders.

Binary Options Make a Difference

The chart below is a 12-minute Gold chart.  The two green arrows indicate the Gold binary options signals.  The second arrow is the most important one.  The signal came in around 1348.5 and a binary option for about $50 of risk was available.  Even though Gold went about 30 ticks against the trade, the signal was right.  Gold would be going up.  A daytrader would either have to risk at least 30 ticks or more, or exit his trade.  However, the binary option trader can actually stay with the trade because he locks in his risk when he enters the trade.

Binary Options Makes a Difference

Experienced traders understand, especially during the summer months, markets will tend to spike against a trade.  This is a great example of how binary options make a difference during these periods.  In this example, the binary option was actually a better choice.

Of course, for traders that own the indicators, an upmove on Gold was clearly visible.  The price was at the ATR on both the 45 minute and 180 minute after an ADX magenta peak retracement (on the 180-minute chart).  Both of these indicators confirms the signals as they come in.

The binary signal subscription is $99 per month.  Within a day, the algorithm generates an abundance of signals so traders never have to worry about not having “enough” trades.  For experienced traders that have the indicators, the signal service is an additional benefit because they don’t have to “sit” and watch the markets all day.

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