Binary Option Signals ResultsThe binary option signals results for overnight was an even split, 8 wins and 8 losses using the minimum timeframes for expiration.  If the results were questionable (on the edge), it was counted as a loss.

Binary Option Signals Results

The image below (you will need to expand the image to see clearly as it shows all ten forex pairs) shows the sixteen signals by either plotting a blue or red dot.  The blue dot signals a long binary option signal.  The red dot signals a short binary option signal.  Once in the trade, the trader needs to manage the trade by either exiting early or allowing the binary option to expire in his favor.

Binary Option Signals Results

Win, Loss Percentage and Return on Investment

While some traders never want to lose, in reality, all traders will have losing trades.  However, with the results from yesterday, including the indices and Gold trades I discussed, there has been a total of 49 trades.  If a trader took every signal that I have highlighted (49 trades):

  • 34 Winning Trades
  • 15 Losing Trades
  • 69% Win Ratio
  • 31% Losing Ratio

Mathematically, if the trader is risking $50 on each trade and makes $40 on each winning trade, then using the statistics from above, he would lose $750 on the 15 losing trades and make $1,360 on the 34 winning trades.  His profit, after losses would be $610.  The exchange fees, based on trading one contract, would be $88.20.  Therefore, the net profit would be $610 minus $88.20 or $521.80.  The total combined risk on the 49 trades was $2,450.  His return on investment was 21% based on the last two days of trading, using the net profit amount.  If using the gross profit amount ($610), then his return on investment would be 25%.

Since the binary signals subscription is only $99 per month, he has fully recouped the expense of the signals within the last two days of trading.  Again, based on taking each of the signals that were tracked during the last two days.  If you missed these posts or others, you can find them by clicking here.