Using Multiple TimeframesBinary option signals on indices produced profits this morning.  The signals were clear and the date and time are shown on every tweet so the trader always knows when the signal was issued and the minimum expiration for every signal.

Binary Option Signals on Indices

The binary option signals on indices were issued at 11:26 and 11:31 am New York time as shown below.

binary option signals on indices

Both of the trade signals were taken and a profit target was set for $80.

Dow and ES Trade Signal Entries

Profit Targets on ES and YM

The signals were based on the 12-minute chart.   Here are the 12-minute charts:

ES and YM Binary Option Signals

As you can see price was at the TradersHelpDesk Trend Average True Range indicator (plus sign on the chart).  Typical behavior would be for the ATR to offer support for price to go up or at least bounce.  The 11am to 1pm New York time binary option was used since the minimum expiration was 48 minutes.  Within one hour the profit target was achieved.

The profit (excluding exchange fees) were:

  • S&P 500, $25 per contract traded or $50 trading two contracts
  • Wall St 30 (uses the YM as the underlying), $22 per contract traded or $44 trading two contracts

Total profit on trading 2 contracts on each instrument was $94.  The return on investment was 41.59%.  Considering price is hardly moving (less than 10 points on the e-mini Dow and 12 ticks on the e-mini S&P 500), making a return on investment of 41.59% in less than an hour is not bad.

Here are what the charts looked like after exiting the binaries (green arrow shows the entry bars):

After Exiting Binary Options with Profits

Since the monthly subscription price for the binary signals is only $99 per month, these two trades just about paid for the subscription.  Of course, they were just two of the numerous signals that were issued this morning.  The binary signals give an abundance of trade opportunities for scalping, intraday, and even weekly traders.  To sign-up for the monthly binary signals, click here.