Binary Option Signals IndicesThe binary option signals indices worked like magic today as long as traders simply waited for price to approach the signal line.  Signals were issues on the YM, ES, NQ, and Gold.  While a signal did come in on Crude, price did not reach the signal price area.

Binary Option Signals Indices and Gold

The binary options signals indices and Gold were issues immediately after 8am with a minimum expiration of 45 minutes.  Price did reach the signal line prior to 9am on both the ES and Gold, so I took the 8-10 am New York time expiration.  Then right at the market opening both the YM and NQ approached the signal line.  The first arrow on the charts (click to expand the chart) below shows the price bar where I entered the binary option.  The second arrow shows the price bar where I took profits.  The green line shows the strike price that I entered at.

Binary Option Signals IndicesNow while one could wait for expiration, I choose to exit early as I do not like being in during expiration.  However, that is dependent on two things:

  • Binary Option Provider
  • Trader’s preference

There isn’t really a right or wrong way.  I prefer to make my profits and get out.  There are so many signals that waiting for expiration is irrelevant for me.  Typically within about 30 minutes of my trade entrance I have made the majority of the profits available, so why should I wait around for another hour to get the remaining $5 or $10 bucks.  I would rather move on to the next trade.  However, some traders simply allow the expiration to take them out.  With some binary brokers, you have to wait for expiration but Nadex allows an early exit and I take advantage of the early exit.  Again, it’s a personal choice.

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