Automated Binary SignalsThe automated binary signals, which are based on the TradersHelpDesk Trend Average True Range indicator, are now setup to go out on twitter during specified times depending on the time frame and the market.  Each signal gives the symbol, price, minimum expiration, time, and date the signal was issued.

Automated Binary Signals

The automated binary signals will go out on each of the markets below:

  • YM
  • ES
  • NQ
  • CL
  • Gold

The minimum expirations are:

  • 60 minutes
  • 3 Hours (daily)
  • 6 Hours (daily)
  • 2 Days (weekly)
  • 3 Days (weekly)

Traders can also build on the original signal to create multiple trades.  For example, on the AUDUSD 15 minute chart below, there are six red dots — each representing a signal that would go out via twitter.  This would create a minimum of six binary signals.  However, the trader could also do multiple 2 hours binaries plus daily binaries for 11 pm expiration and 3 am expiration and add 2 hour spreads or daily spreads.

Automated Binary Signals

Remember these are minimums — and each signal could potentially be a 2 hour binary and a daily depending on the time of day the signal is generated.  On the chart below for the AUDUSD 120 minute time frame, the minimum is 6 hours or 3 bars.  The green checkmarks show the positive trades and the red “X”s show the losing binaries.

AUDUSD Automated Binary Signals

One word of caution is on the indices and commodities, we do have rollover (this created issues last week as Nadex was still on the June contract and the volume had rolled over to the September contract so we did not have calls on the indices).  This week Nadex is rolling the following contracts:

  • US 500 (ES is the underlying)
  • US Tech 100 (NQ is the underlying)
  • Wall St 30 (YM is the underlying)

Always make sure that your chart price matches the indicative price in Nadex as a precaution for symbols that have rollover.

This week we also have the FOMC projections and Rate Announcement on Wednesday June 15 at 2pm.  This is the four part series that includes the Economic Projections, Statement, Rate and Press Conference (press conference starts at 2:30pm).  Later in the evening we have the JPY Monetary Policy Statement and early Thursday, June 16, the BOJ Press Conference and CHF Libor Rate and SNB Monetary Policy Assessment, followed by the GBP Official Bank Rate and Monetary Policy Summary.

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