ATR Strategy on the ESATR Strategy on the ES today was amazing.  The strategy is not meant to be automated but really highlight potential entries into the higher timeframe.

Since we do not recommend trading futures during high volatile market reports, we waited until after the Non-Farm Employee numbers came out.  We had drawn all the support and resistance lines and knew where the sweet spots were for the day.  The only job we had to do was wait for the trade to setup on the three minute chart.  So we waited and waited and finally after the US market open, our trade setup.  The wide bar retracement had completed on the higher timeframe.  The ATR flipped from blue to red.  It needed a retest to form resistance.

ATR Strategy on the ES Today

Price retested the ATR on diverging volume and it was on. At first, price just kinda lingered around but we patiently waited without moving the stop down.  It was just breathing and we did not want to choke it.  Then BAM, down, down, down.  Just what we anticipated.  Profit were locked in tight.  Then another retracement to the ATR.  Again, diverging volume.  This time the momentum was already there and down she came – BAM BAM BAM and we said “Thank you ma’am!.”

ATR Strategy on the ESWe knew in advance that we were going to have a great day because we identified the sweet spot prior to the start of the trading day.  We had also looked at forex and anticipated the moves on it but used a combination of the binary and spreads for it.  Of course, the market did exactly what we anticipated because the TradersHelpDesk indicators rock — as long as you know how to use them and incorporate your higher timeframes.  The strategies simply highlight the entries and then you simply confirm with the higher timeframes.  Of course, the aggressive stop is also quite awesome because it protects our profits.